Ramya Iyer, LCSW

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MSW: University of Chicago

Ramya is a compassionate and patient psychotherapist serving her patients in Chicago. She collaborates with her clients  to explore and reduce overwhelming feelings of worry and sadness while helping them better manage relationships in their lives. She is guided by the belief that human relationships can be healing and aims to develop an authentic connection with her clients.

In addition to her graduate work, she has completed a Fellowship in Advanced Psychodynamic Clinical Practice as well as a consultation group focused on trauma. She continues to be active in a psychodynamic study group.

Ramya specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and helping her patients manage difficulties in their close relationships. She has a strong interest in working with people of color who are navigating  multiple cultural contexts. Specifically, those adujsting to issues surrounding immigration and acculturation. In her spare time, Ms. Iyer enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking, practicing yoga and learning about history.

For more information or to set up an appointment, Ramya can be reached at 773-474-0401 or ramya@alliancepsychotherapy.org.