Julia Cibul Fording, LSW


MSW: New York University

Julia has worked deliberately over the last several years to hone her skills as a clinician. She feels the relationship between client and therapist is the primary vehicle for promoting growth and change. Julia has developed a profound respect for the very individual, subjective, and unique experience each client brings to the therapeutic relationship. In joining with her clients, Julia brings warmth, authenticity and humor to the work.

Julia completed a fellowship in Advanced Clinical Psychotherapy from Cathedral Counseling Center in 2016. She also completed a Post Graduate Clinical Training program at Live Oak Chicago in Trauma-Informed Practice and Affirmative Practice with the LGBTQ community in 2014.

Before her work as a therapist Julia was a writer and editor in New York City. In addition to enjoying the collaborative nature of magazines and newsrooms, she also cultivated an appreciation for the meaning and use of language, which she feels is relevant in her current role as therapist.

Professional interests include: Young adulthood, life transitions, parenting, grief and loss, LGBTQ, depression and anxiety, and couples work.

For any questions or to set up an appointment, Julia can be reached by email at juliacf@alliancepsychotherapy.org or by phone at 312-767-7431.