Affiliation FAQs

As an Affiliate of ALLIANCE, you maintain autonomy as a sole proprietor. You are responsible for developing your own business, collecting your own fees, and maintaining your own best-practice standards. Affiliation offers you access to a rich and diverse community of clinicians, as well as a shared referral pool. We provide furnished office space, formal and informal consultation, marketing support, and opportunities for growth as a member of a recognized and respected group of psychodynamic practitioners.

Why did you create ALLIANCE?

As we faced the professional and personal challenges of our first therapy jobs in child welfare, we felt the need for additional training and support. Overtime, we realized ALL new clinicians feel overwhelmed and vulnerable as they struggle to trust in their ability to help clients. As we sought support for these anxieties, we found a shortage of suitably targeted and affordable resources. We partnered to form ALLIANCE with the distinct vision of confronting this reality, providing quality mental health care to clients while also supporting clinicians navigating new professional roles. We want to ensure any clinician, regardless of financial means, can continue to grow and develop professionally through access to support and consultation.

 So are you a group practice?

We are NOT a standard group practice, which requires income-sharing contracts in exchange for office space and referrals (industry average is 40% of your income goes to the practice partners). Our monthly Affiliation Fee is a flat rate based on office space utilization per week, entitling all affiliates to the benefits and flexibility of independent practice, but also provides the referrals, community, support, and collaboration we know is a nonnegotiable part of best-in-class treatment. In short, we created ALLIANCE in order to build the kind of community in which we want to practice.

I want to build my personal reputation as a therapist. How can ALLIANCE help me do that?

Our vision is that ALLIANCE | Collaborative Psychotherapy will be recognized in Chicago as a premier provider of sophisticated, in-depth, transformative psychotherapy as well as a vital resource for clinicians committed to ongoing professional development and self discovery. All members are encouraged to and will be supported in developing their individual reputations as clinicians. We view membership as a win-win. Your clinical work and personal reputation will help build awareness of and interest in our mission. As name recognition for ALLIANCE grows, your membership in ALLIANCE will underscore your clinical bona fides. We are experienced marketers and believe our public facing presence represents best practice in competitive positioning. Our thriving practice and ongoing involvement in psychodynamic communities throughout the city indicates our strategy is working. Affiliation with ALLIANCE means you can leverage that marketing as much or as little as you wish in support of building your own professional brand.

So are you my boss? Or my supervisor?

If you are a licensed clinician (LCPC, LMFT or LCSW), you will operate as in independent sole proprietor (or similar business entity). ALLIANCE is a network of affiliated professionals who see benefit in aligning their practices with the values of the ALLIANCE community. You are not an employee, nor are the managing directors your boss or supervisor.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Affiliate of ALLIANCE, please contact Elizabeth A. Marklein, LCPC or Kristen M. Granchalek, LCSW, for more information!