Our Values

We are a group of independent, enterprising clinicians who are committed to psychodynamic practice and the ongoing self-reflection and consultation such work requires. We founded ALLIANCE in order to attract like-minded clinicians with whom we could develop ourselves and build a collaborative practice model, the likes of which is new to Chicago. The following core values form the foundation of our community.

  • Quality
    • We stand by the quality of our affiliate clinicians. We each practice from a solid framework grounded in contemporary psychodynamic thinking. We base our interventions on thorough assessment and conceptualization. We engage in ongoing self-reflection and consultation to ensure we are effectively meeting the needs of our clients.
  • Relationships
    • We believe relationships are central to the development of self and human behavior. We believe the relationship at the center of a therapeutic alliance is the most important tool we have for facilitating growth and change. We seek to understand and develop ourselves, personally and professionally, through the ways in which we relate to those around us.
  • Self-Reflection
    • We believe in a dynamic unconscious that influences our perceptions of self, others, and the world. We know that ongoing reflection is required to understand and harness the power of our internal workings, especially on behalf of our clients. We seek to understand our contributions to the relational field, and commit to providing and receiving feedback about ourselves from our practice community.
  • Service
    • We believe psychotherapy needs to be demystified and destigmatized in order to improve access. We believe clinicians should assist clients in navigating the complex systems that stand between them and quality mental health care. We encourage affiliates to build cultural competency to ensure our practice is welcoming to a diverse clientele. We take care of ourselves in order to better serve our clients, our colleagues, and to advocate for lives of wellbeing and balance in our society.