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Project Description

At the heart of any successful therapy is a strong working alliance between therapist and client.

There are many theories about how therapy works, but recent advancements in neuroscience tell us a few things. First, our brains and our personalities are shaped by our earliest relationships and what those relationships teach us, implicitly and explicitly, about emotional regulation. Second, new relationships can repair and reshape neural pathways such that we can develop more effective ways of learning from and managing our emotional responses to the world and those around us.

Therapy offers you a unique kind of relationship. It creates an unparalleled opportunity for learning more about how you think, feel, and relate to your world, as well as a mechanism to actually reshape the way your brain and body respond to the challenges of everyday life. 

ALLIANCE Affiliates each have a unique style and perspective, shaped by our own histories, personalities and professional training. What we share is a deep faith in the therapeutic process and an insatiable curiosity about the ways we and our clients experience the world. Collaborative Psychotherapy means we work together–client and therapist, colleague and colleague–in order to bring to life the change you wish to see in your world.