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Therapy is an investment in time and resources. Collaborating with your therapist and insurance company can make it affordable.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Our Affiliate therapists each accept several different insurance plans, including BCBS PPO, BlueChoice PPO, Aetna, Cigna, Magellan, and Optum Behavioral Health. Please check with each individual therapist to confirm if they are in-network with your insurance plan.

What if my therapist doesn’t accept my insurance plan?

If your therapist does not accept your insurance plan, you have several options. You can utilize your “out of network benefits,” pay out of pocket (decide not to use insurance), or you can talk about being referred to a therapist who is in-network with your insurance plan.

How much does therapy cost?

It’s important to understand up front how much therapy will cost you week-to-week, and how your therapist will collect fees. You’ll find some therapists only work for their full fee up front, while others will collaborate with you on finding the most cost effective way to maintain treatment. This should be an explicit conversation, and one that you should feel free to return to if it ends up feeling unmanageable.

At ALLIANCE, each Affiliate sets their own fees, but you can expect fees in the range of $110-$150 depending on the service provided. Your contribution toward the fee will be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Network affiliation of your chosen therapist
  • Financial means

What do I need to know to use my insurance benefits most effectively?

Figuring out your insurance coverage can be a difficult process! We are here to help. It is recommended that you confirm eligibility and benefits with your insurance provider prior to your first appointment. Bringing this information to your first therapy session will help you and your therapist establish the clearest plan for financing therapy, one that feels fair and sustainable for both you and your therapist.

You can usually find a phone number for customer service on the back of your insurance card. Follow the prompts or inform a representative that you want to check your mental health benefits, and ask the following questions:

  • What are my in-network and/or out of network benefits for “psychotherapy in an office setting?”
  • Check if you have coverage for individual, marital/couple, family, or group therapy as needed.
  • What is my deductible? (the amount you pay each calendar year before your insurance company begins covering services)
  • What is my copay? (a set dollar amount you are responsible for paying for each session. You may be responsible for first paying your deductible.)
  • What is my co-insurance? (The percentage you pay when your health plan pays less than 100% for a service. Your health plan will not pay toward services with a coinsurance until you have paid your deductible.)
  • Are there any required preauthorizations for behavioral health treatment?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.